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Villa Borobudur Resort offers a wide range of experiences - activities - which we classified in four categories: Culture & Art, Adventure, History and Health. 

We will contact you directly after you placed your reservation, so you can inform us about your interests and wishes, to make sure we can offer you the most customised experiences imaginable. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Culture & Art

The Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist temple. A 'must' visit.

The Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan Temple is a 9th century Hindu temple, located 17 kilometers from Yogyakarta city. The Prambaban Temple is definitely worthwhile a visit. We advise you to combine a visit to Prambanan Temple on the way from or to the airport. A visit to Prambanan Temple can be combined with other activities in and around Yogyakarta.

The Sewu Temple

The Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhits Temple, after Borobudur Temple, and is located 800 meters north of Prambanan Temple.

The Plaosan Temple

Their are two temples in this complex; one related to Buddhist the other one to Hindu religion. The temples are surrounded by ricefields. The surroundings add to your spirutal experience, especially during sunset.

The Ratu Boko Palace

The Ratu Boko Palace was built in the 8th century by Wangsa Syailendra. The Palace offers impressive views, including the Prambanan Temple and the Merapi Volcano. This trip is extra worth making if you want to experience an unforgettable sunset.

Traditional Javanese Cooking Classes


The chefs of Villa Borobudur Resort are specialists in Javanese cooking. Choose you favorite dish, and our chef will teach you how to make it. If you wish so, you can join a visit to the local market to buy the necessary ingredients.

Rafting on the Elo River


Enjoy rafting on one of Central-Java's famous rivers: the Elo-river. Experience and enjoy the wild water and nature.

Hiking the Menoreh Mountains


Villa Borobudur Resort is ideal starting point for a hike in the Menoreh mountains. A guide will join you. Enjoy nature and magnificent views, drink tea or a fresh coconut in one of the pittoresque villages you cross on the way. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

Merapi Jeep Safari Tours


Discover the Merapi vulcano by way of an exiting Jeep-safari. See the damage done by the latest eruption in 2010.

Hike to Suroloyo Mountain Peak


Suroloyo is one of the highest peaks in the Menoreh mountains and offers spectacular views. On the way to Suroloyo you enjoy nature and cross several Javanese villages. The hike will take about six hours. One of our guides will join you. Villa Borobudur Resort takes care of beverages and snacks.

Hike to the Selogriyo Temple on the slopes of Sumbing volcano

Adventure Spirituality

The Silogriyo Temple is a small Hindu Temple located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing. On the way to the 9th century temple you will cross numerous, impressive rice fields. A personal guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

Climbing the summit of Sumbing vulcano (inactive), 3300 meters high


The Sumbing (3300) is an inactive but higher volcano than the Merapi. On the way to the summit you will cross various types of vegetation and local establishments. The temperature at the top is about 5 degrees Celsius. This already unforgettable trip will become more exceptional when enjoying the spectacular sunrise. Please keep in mind that a medium to high stamina is required to make this trip. A personal guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

Merapi mountain biking tours


This also is real adventure, and requires some experience. By car you will be brought to the drop-off point halfway the slopes of Merapi Vulcano, and your (mostly) downhill adventure will start. On the way back to Villa Borobudur Resort, you will cross forests, rice fields, villages, etc. You will enjoy this experience. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

Traditional Javanese massages and spa treatments


Villa Borobudur Resort offers a wide range of traditional Javanese massages and spa treatments. The massages not only offer relaxation, but are also well known for their healing effects.

Experience a Borobudur village cycling tour


This also is a very nice experience. Starting from Villa Borobudur Resort you will cycle through the rice fields and villages surrounding Borobudur Temple. Meet the nice people of Java, and enjoy some magnificent views. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

Climbing the summit of the still active Merapi vulcano (2960 meter)


This is quite an 'expedition' and requires some stamina. But without any doubt, you will enjoy the experience and the spectacular views once you arrive on the vulcano's summit (2960 meters) just before sunrise. A guide will escort you, and take care of beverages and snacks.

The Jomblang Cave


Borobudur area is not only is about temples, mountains, vulcanos, rice fields and villages, but also about spectacular caves. On this trip you will decent into a cave complex. What makes this adventure extra spectacular is the sunlight that at certain points enters the cave, causing spectacular effects. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

A visit to Dieng

Adventure Spirituality

Dieng has much to offer: Forests, lakes, spectecular views, but also temples, and a first-hand view of some vulcanic activity in the area. On way to Dieng you can visit tea-plantations. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

The Seloprojo Waterfall on the slopes of the Telomoyo mountain

This is a 35 meter high waterfall located on the slopes of the Telomoyo mountain, on the (short) hike to the waterfall you can enjoy nature and some beautiful views. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

A visit to Grojokan Sewu Waterfall

This waterfall is 80 meter high and surrounded by jungle. On the way to this spectacular waterfall you will (probably) meet some monkeys that still live their. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

The Sukuh and Cetho Temples

Sukuh and Cetho Temples are Hidu temples, located close to Surakarta (Solo). The Sukuh Temple is decorated with waynang stone carvings of Hindu origin. Most of these statues are of an erotic nature. The Cetho Temple is located on a short distance of the Sukuh Temple, and is renown for its beautiful panoramic views. A guide will escort you and take care of beverages and snacks.

The 'Gembira Loka Zoo'

The Gembira Loka Zoo is located close to the center of Yogyakarta, and Malyoboro shopping street, and is a worthwhile visit for everybody interested in nature. The Zoo offers a 'sample' of Indonesia's diverse flora and fauna.

A visit to Borobudur Temple during sunrise or sunset

Borobudur Temple can also be visited during sunrise and sunset. The Temple offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and vulcanos.

A visit to Mendut and Pawon Temples

Mendut and Pawon Temples are related to the Borobudur Temple complex: The three temples are located on a straight line.

Ramayana Ballet in the Prambanan Temple complex

Culture & Art Spirituality

The Ramayana Ballet is a world famous professional ballet that is performed in the evening, but only during certain days. The ballet tells the story of Rama and Shinta.

A visit to the Palace of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and the Taman Sari 'Water Castle'

Culture & Art

The Sultan of Yogyakarta until today has a special position in Indonesia that goes back to the time when the Sultans of Yogyakarta and Surakarta (Solo) still ruled their respective sultanates. The palace was built in the second half of the 18th century. The Water Palace is situated on a short distance of the palace itself, and was part of the royal garden of the sultanate. The Water Palace had multiple functions for the sultan, such as a for resting, meditation and 'hiding'.

A visit to Padepokan Apel Watoe Art Studio

Culture & Art

Padepokan Apel Watoe Art Studio is only a 15 minute drive from Villa Borobudur Resort, and gives you the opportunity to experience the high quality of Indonesia's and especially Java's contemporary art. Dedi Paw is the owner of the gallery and himself a renown painter.

The 'OHD Museum'

Culture & Art

The OHD-museum has the impressive private art collection of Dr. Oei Hong Djien on display. The OHD-museum gives an excellent impression of Asian and especially Indonesian contemporary art.

A visit to the 'Haji Widayat Art Museum'

Haji Widayat (1923-2002) was one of Indonesia's great contemporary artists. Definetely a wortwhile visit for every art lover.

A visit to the 'Ullen Sentalu Museum'

The Ullen Sentalu Museum is about Javanese culture and history. We suggest you combine a visit to the museum with for example a Merapi Jeep Safari.

The 'Sambisari Temple'

The Sambisari Temple is located 15 kilometer from Yoyakarta city center. Sambisari is a Hindu Temple built at the start of the 9th century. The temple is hidden from view, beacuse of its location 6.5 metder meter below ground level.

The 'Affandi Museum'

Culture & Art

Affandi (1907-1990) was an Indonesian expressionist painter held in very high regard because of the high quality of his art work. The museum is dedicated to his work and life, and located in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta city tour

Yogyakarta is a vibrant city located in the heart of Central-Java and only 1,5H drive from Villa Borobudur Resort. Yogyakarta is considered to be the cultural centre of Central-Java, and is a hotspot for art, Javanese traditions, culinary experiences and much more. Let us know when you would like to visit this amazing city so we can arrange private transport for you and your beloved ones.

A visit to the 'House of Danar Hadi Batik Museum' Surakarta (Solo)

Culture & Art

In the House of Danar Hadi Batik Museum an impressive collection of batik is on display. The museum is situated in a colonial building, and is definietly worthwhile a visit when you are interested in Java's cultural history. It is also possible to visit a workshop where you can see the process of batik-making.

The 'Sangiran Museum'

Sangiran is a archeological excavation site, about 18 kilometers from Surakarta (Solo). In the area on the banks of the Solo River, an excavation team uncovered early human fossils (including a tooth, and a skullcap) that are referred to as the 'Java Man'. This is one of the key-sites for our understanding of human evolution.

A visit the 'Gereja Ayam', the 'Chicken Church'

Culture & Art Spirituality

The 'Chicken Church' was built with the idea to create a new spiritual place, and has the shape of a large chicken. It is a somewhat mysterious and intriguing place.

Experience a Borobudur sunrise on 'Puntuk Setumbu'

Puntuk Setumba is a hill peak in the Menoreh mountains and offers from a natural setting a spectacular view of the Borobudur Temple, with Merbabu Mountain and Merapi Vulcano in the background.

A visit to the Borobudur local market

Culture & Art Health

Meet the local Javanese people in the local market, see their products and buy some local food and ingredients.

The Muntilan bird market

Culture & Art

Birds play also an important role in Javanese culture; Java is renown for its bird-singing competitions. On the market a wide range of birds can be seen.

Yoga Class


Villa Borobudur Resort is an ideal location for Yoga and Yoga classes: It has the right atmosphere and facilities, and the magnificent views add to a worthwhile yoga-experience. Professional yoga teachers are available in the resort.

Join a Javanese jamu class


Jamu is the Javanese word for herbal drink that have preventive and healing effects. Villa Borobudur Resort offers a range of jamu's, which are resort-made. We use ingredients from our own garden. In the jamu class we explain how the jamu's are made.

Enjoy a Borobudur horse carriage village tour

Culture & Art

The local Javanese people also use horse carriages for local transportation. The horse carriage is also ideally suited to make a local tour through the rice fields, and local villages.

Make your own pottery

Culture & Art

In one of the villages close to Borobudur, traditional methods to make pottery are still practised. Visit one of the workshops and make your own pottery. An activity that can be ideally combined with a horse carriage tour. Not only children enjoy this activity.

Join a janur brading class

Culture & Art

Janur brading is a technique to weave young coconut leafs in useful and decorative items. Also ideally suited for children.

Batik workshops

Culture & Art

In Indonesia and especially Central-Java, a wide range of batik is offered. But you can also join a workshop and make your own batik, by making use of traditional batik-techniques. Be surprised by your own creativity.

Join a painting workshop

Culture & Art

We offer the opportunity to make your own painting(s) with the help of one of Borobudur's painters. Without any doubts, our magnificent views will inspire you.

Paint a (wooden) duck

Culture & Art

Decorate your own wooden duck and bring it home. Especially children (but also adults) enjoy this activity.

Make an elephant Tour in the Borobudur Park


Explore the Borobudur Temple complex on the back of an elephant.

Enjoy breakfast at the 'Elo/Progo Art Gallery'

Culture & Art

Elo/Progo Art Gallery is located on the banks of the Elo and Progo rivers, exactly where these two rivers meet. The views are spectacular. Enjoy your breakfast at this magical place, where nature, art and spirituality meet.

Enjoy lunch at the 'Elo/Progo Art Gallery'

Culture & Art

The Elo/Progo Art Gallery is located on the banks of the Elo and Progo rivers, exactly where these two rivers meet. The views are spectacular. Enjoy your lunch at this magical place, where nature, art and spirituality meet.

Enjoy breakfast at 'Dagi Hill' close to Borobudur Temple

Dagi Hill is special place to have your breakfast; overlooking Borobudur Temple, with Merapi Vulcano and the Menoreh Mountains in the background. Nature and spirituality meet at this place.

A visit to 'Reptile Rescue Borobudur'

Reptile Rescue Borobudur is a local initiave to protect reptiles in the Borobudur area, and to create awereness by the local population and tourists about nature and sustainable development. Villa Borobudur Resort sponsors this valuable intiative.

Yogyakarta Beach

Yogyakarta is closely located to Java's south coast and is famous for its spacious beaches. The sea is somewhat wild, but offers a nice place to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

'Yogya Bay Waterparc'


Yogyakarta Bay Waterpark offers (wild) water adventure to its visitors. There are a number of slides and swimming pools.

Villa Borobudur Resort sunrise breakfast


One of our Gazebo's offers a place to enjoy spectacular (sunrise) views. We offer breakfast and afternoon tea arrangements in the gazebo.