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  • Cocktails, fresh fruit juices, wines, coffees. A full-range bar experience.
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Unforgettable Indonesian dishes

Taste Java restaurant offers authentic Javanese dishes, exclusively containing ingredients from the local environment, prepared by the best local chefs and served at a magnificent location. The restaurant is located in the open Pendopo from Villa Mahayana and offers unforgettable views of the entire valley surrounding the Borobudur Temple. Besides the inspiring local art that is being displayed throughout the restaurant, you will also have access to our famous Bamboo Bar, join us for a drink after your lunch or dinner.

To ensure the exclusiveness of the restaurant and the privacy of our guests, including you, reservations are required. 

Contact our staff by telephone: +62 851 0052 5520, or by email: 

Lunch  : Reservations not later than 11:00 hours (day of lunch)

Dinner : Reservations not later than 16:00 hours (day of dinner)

You can always contact us directly via Instagram by sending us a direct message. Our Instagram username is: tastejava.